Meeting Andy Warhol

July 8, 2014

I had flown from Paris to London to assist Guy Bourdin in shooting a portrait of Francis Bacon for French Vogue. Guy mostly shot women's fashion but, occasionally, a portrait, if it was someone he admired. He had aspired to be a painter and had a few shows of his work but, that's a different story.

Having a few hours off, I found myself walking down King's Road with my Hasselblad I took with everywhere I went at the time. There weren't many people out for some reason then but, I noticed someone walking along side me. When I glanced over, I saw it was Andy Warhol and with him, Christopher Makos, the photographer for Interview at the time.

I said, "I know you" and he said, "oh yea?".

"Yea, you're Andy Warhol! Hey, would you mind if I take your picture?"

He spoke but, thinking he said "no", I kept walking.

After 10 steps or so, I turned back, curious to see what he was doing. He was standing there looking at me and said, "We'll, are you going to take it or not?"

"Oh, yea, sure."

"Where do you want me to stand."

"I guess in the doorway of this shop."

I took 2 pictures, said "thanks" and went on my way.